When is the Battlefield 2042 open beta?

Don't miss your chance to enjoy the game early.

Image via EA

Battlefield 2042 is the next exciting title in the iconic franchise, putting players in the middle of a devastated world ravaged by extreme weather events and scarce resources. This bleak and tense future serves as the background for Battlefield 2042 as players fight in large-scale battles with a wide selection of weapons and vehicles. 

While fans cannot wait to get their hands on Battlefield 2042, the game was delayed until Nov. 19. But players can jump into the open beta on Oct. 6 to 9 to experience the game for the first time. 

Players who pre-order Battlefield 2042 can enjoy early access on Oct. 6 to 7, a full two days before the rest of the player base. But fans who don’t want to pre-order will still have plenty of time to try the game for the remainder of the open beta. 

The beta will feature two game modes, Conquest and Orbital. Conquest is the classic Battlefield experience where teams fight for control of flags across a large map. Orbital is a new game mode where players fight around a rocket preparing to launch. Players will need to watch out for storms alongside enemies, as the weather can disrupt the playable area. 

The open beta will feature four specialists, each with their own unique abilities and equipment. This is the perfect opportunity for players to find their preferred playstyle before the game launches in November. 

Players can pre-order Battlefield 2042 on the official website and double-check if their system meets the game requirements.