When does the Dead Space remake come out?

It is a question many Dead Space fans are dying to know.

Image via Electronic Arts

Fans are looking forward to reliving the tales of engineer Isaac Clarke’s quest for survival on the USG Ishimura after the Dead Space remake was revealed during EA Play live 2021. 

With a number of delays to the game because of the COVID pandemic, however, many have begun to wonder when that anticipated remake will be available to play.

When will the Dead Space remake release?

The Dead Space remake has been pushed back from its initial late-2022 launch and is set for release on Jan. 27, 2023. The date was announced during a livestream presented by the game’s developers. Previously, the release was just listed as “early 2023” after its delay.

During the livestream, the developers told fans that the game is still in its pre-alpha state, which means that the content in the livestream had an uneven look in terms of quality.

“We’re definitely looking forward to being able to put the game in the hands of players,” said senior producer Philippe Ducharme.

With this extra time, EA and Motive Studios plan to rebuild the game from the beginning and use the original as a blueprint for this refreshed update. So once this game does come out, expect a refreshed take on the original that made people cower in fear and had them on the edge of their seats.

The Dead Space remake will be released for PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X. This new and improved version of the 2008 horror sci-fi survival game will look to recapture that same fear with a little extra on top.