When does the 2022 Steam Summer Sale start?

A two-week discounted period is on the horizon.

Image via Valve

The Steam Summer Sale is perhaps the biggest and most notable sale that Steam offers each year to its users. With countless indie and Triple-A titles going on sale in mid-to-late-June annually, gamers tend to line up in pursuit of games they’ve had their eyes on. 

This year, the Steam Summer Sale will begin on June 23 at 12pm CT. The sale will run for two weeks, lasting until July 8. 

The Steam Summer Sale is a great opportunity to start whittling away at your Steam wishlist. Depending on how many titles you have on your wishlist, dozens of games can go on sale at once, giving you a prime opportunity to add plenty of games to your library. Plus, with games being discounted at high rates, with certain titles dropping their price points by over 70 percent or more, the Summer Sale presents game customers with the chance to stock up while prices are low. 

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Traditionally, new games will not be featured on the Steam Summer Sale. Only games that have been out for several months or longer will be discounted. 

The Steam Summer Sale will begin on June 23 and last until July 8.