When does Star Wars: Hunters release?

There's still a bit to go.

Image via Zynga

The Star Wars franchise is getting another multiplayer title in the form of a third-person arena shooter named Star Wars: Hunters. Fans already have a list of characters available at launch.

While the game is looking to feature all the elements that define the Star Wars franchise, the gameplay also resembles Overwatch a little, which can be a huge plus for any gamer who has played Overwatch before. 

Star Wars: Hunters will be landing on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. While console players will need to revert back to their phones to try out the game, PC players may have the option to try out the game by installing an Android emulator.

As of now, Star Wars: Hunters is looking for a 2022 release without a set date. The initial plan for the game was to release it toward the end of 2021. There may still be some time until the release, but players can pre-register with their emails to unlock exclusive items and receive Star Wars: Hunters updates. Though it isn’t clear whether the developers are looking to hold beta tests before the release, registering with your email can increase your odds of getting in.

Keeping an eye on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store can also be a decent idea since most games get listed before their release and you can sign up to receive news and updates through there as well. 

If you don’t know what to do until the release, you can try counting the days with like-minded individuals in community hubs like Reddit. These platforms will also be the fastest way to receive information regarding the game since fans will post any development or news on the website to share with others. 

Players thinking about taking the leap to mobile gaming to try out Star Wars: Hunters and don’t have phones that can run graphic-intensive games can check out the Best Android phones for gaming, which will be perfect candidates to run Star WarsHunters as smoothly as possible.