When does Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis release?

This mobile spin-off may release sooner than you think.

Image via Square Enix

During the recent Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration Broadcast event, Square Enix teased fans with a glimpse of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, presenting all-new gameplay footage that displayed the new mobile game’s dynamic action sequences.

Square Enix then announced that Ever Crisis will undergo a closed beta test during late 2022 but did not specify the exact date, let alone the final release date. Information on how to sign up for the closed beta test has also not been revealed so far.

A release window for the closed beta test was uncovered from a financial report from CyberAgent, translated by Siliconera. We know that Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will be released in late September 2022. This information was uncovered before the official announcement of the closed beta test for Ever Crisis, which is most likely what the CyberAgent financial report was referencing.

Ever Crisis is a mobile spin-off of the main series title Final Fantasy VIIEver Crisis will be a miniature re-telling of all the games that are part of the Final Fantasy VII timeline, including Final Fantasy VII and all of its spin-offs.

The new footage highlights the game’s turn-based combat, which seems to take inspiration from the original Final Fantasy VII’s Active Time Battle system while boasting visuals similar to the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Outside of combat, however, the game sports a retro, top-down look that pays respect to the original Final Fantasy VII.