When does Deltarune Chapter 3 release?

How long will fans have to wait?

Image via Toby Fox

Few games have burst onto the scene quite like Undertale. Toby Fox’s 2015 RPG introduced players to a variety of interesting characters, a charming world, and an engaging story. In 2018, Fox released Deltarune Chapter 1, an Undertale follow-up. Fans had to wait almost three years for Deltarune Chapter 2, which came out in 2021.

Almost as soon as Chapter 2 was released, fans were clamoring for another chapter, leading many to wonder what the plans were for the next release and whether they’d have to wait another three years to continue their adventure. When can players expect Deltarune Chapter 3 and what exactly will it entail?

Deltarune Chapter 3’s release date

Toby Fox has not yet revealed the release date for Deltarune Chapter 3. In a blog post published shortly after the release of Chapter 2, Fox said the next iteration of Deltarune will include chapters three, four, and five bundled together and that the collection would take less time to make than chapters one and two.

While Fox hasn’t made any official statements about Chapter 3’s release date since that blog post, he tweeted on May 17 that development on the next Deltarune iteration was “going well” because he was able to assemble a team to help him with production. Interested fans should keep an eye on Fox’s Twitter for more casual updates about Deltarune and tidbits from development.

While chapters one and two were released for free, Fox has said that chapters three, four, and five will be paid and that the price will be above Undertale‘s $14.99 cost. “The world has been really tough for everybody recently. So I decided to release Deltarune Chapter 2 for free,” Fox said in the blog post. When chapters three, four, and five are released, players will be able to purchase all five in a bundle together.