What is the Origins SMP Minecraft Mod?

You too can have a taste of the Origins SMP.

Image via Mojang

Survival multiplayer (SMP) servers have been around for a while, but they’ve become more popular amongst the Minecraft community over the past year. With more content creators coming together to create their own SMP servers, players were able to spectate an SMP experience like no other.

With awesomely written scripts and roleplaying, Dream SMP turned out to be a thriller, and Origins SMP is already looking like it’ll rise up to the standard.

Featuring names like TommyInnit, JackManifold, Tubbo, and Wilbur Soot, Origins SMP is a private, white-listed, and a modded server. Mods used in the server usually focus on improving the quality of life for all players, and they also help them go along with the narrative relatively faster than usual.

More than a few mods are used in the Origins SMP server, ranging from special textures to other mods that alter the mechanics of certain in-game mechanics.

Here are the base mods of the Origins SMP.

  • Origins mod
    • This mod contains the basic origins like Enderian, Phantom, Merling, Elytrian, Blazeborn, Avian, Shulk, and Feline
  • Slimecican add-on
  • Bee add-on
  • Inchling add-on
  • Starborne add-on
  • Fox add-on

If you’d like to install the Origin SMP Minecraft mod for personal use, you’ll need to install the Fabric loader.

  • Open up the installer after downloading it and select your active Minecraft version
  • Click on install to complete the process
  • Once the loader is ready to go, you’ll need to install Fabric API
    • Make sure to download the API version that corresponds to your Minecraft version
  • Install the API downloadables to the mods folder inside the “.minecraft” file which can be found in %appdata%
    • If you’ve never installed mods before, you’ll need to manually create a mods folder. Ensure that the folder’s name is “mods” and not “Mods” since Minecraft will only detect the one with small caps letters.
  • You’ll need to apply the procedures above for the Origins mode as well
    • Even if you’re interested in other Origins mods, you’ll need the base one to avoid getting errors
  •  After installing all the required files, you’ll be able to select your Origin when you create a new world