TSM drops Overwatch team despite finally selecting six players

Taylor "b1am" Forrest announced TSM's departure from Overwatch in a Twitlonger post.

Photo via Riot Games

TSM is bailing on Overwatch before it ever really got started.

Though TSM never made any announcements regarding its Overwatch team trials, it’s been an open secret that the esports organization was looking for players. In a Twitlonger post, Taylor “b1am” Forrest confirmed that he and fellow former Kungarna player Connor “ConnorJ” Johnson had been trialing players with TSM for “the past few months.”

Reportedly, TSM had finally closed in on a sixth and final player after testing out “dozens” of Overwatch players. But after learning more about the Overwatch League—and what it will cost—TSM pulled out of competitive Overwatch, according to b1am.

Since its announcement last November, hardly any details about the Overwatch League have been shared publicly.

“TSM and I have now mutually parted ways and I hope to be involved again in the scene very soon,” b1am wrote. “Special shoutout to everyone who put in tons of hours this last month. Really enjoyed playing with you guys, I wish we could have made it work. Happy to see so many of you already join great teams.”

B1am will now operate as a free agent until he’s able to sign with a new team.

Uncertainly surrounding the Overwatch League has affected plenty of other organizations’ involvement in the new Blizzard title. In January, European esports organization Reunited shuttered its doors after facing financial woes ahead of the Overwatch League.

This is not the first time TSM has pulled out of competitive Overwatch. In August 2016, the North American esports organization transferred its Overwatch team to compLexity Gaming after “allegations regarding [the players’] competitive integrity in other games” arose.

With so much uncertainty about the future of the game, the storied North American franchise is unwilling to risk its resources so early in Overwatch’s lifespan.