Titanfall 2 is now available on the Steam Store

This is a good opportunity for Apex players who want another taste of the franchise.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Titanfall 2 just reached the virtual shelves of the Steam Store.

The action-packed FPS shares a universe with Apex Legends and players looking for more lore or just a similar experience can get their hands on the shooter at a discount.

There’s plenty of overlap between Titanfall and Apex since the two franchises share a universe. The Apex Games commissioner, Kuben Blisk, fought as a mercenary for the IMC during the two installments of the Titanfall franchise. He named the Apex Games after his mercenary organization, called the Apex Predators.

But Titanfall works well even for non-Apex players. The shooter’s fast pace and unique movement mechanics, such as wall jumps and wall-running, create an unrivaled experience. The franchise also lets players control its trademark Titans: colossal, sentient robots with an AI designed to help fight the war between the IMC and the Militia.

Apex players will also feel comfortable handling most of the weapons in Titanfall 2 since several of them made their way to the battle royale after some tweaks. The Triple Take sniper rifle, for instance, is a Double Take in Titanfall, while the R-99 is the R-97.

Other weapons from the Titanfall franchise could make their way to Apex at some point, too. Data miners found mentions of the Volt SMG in Apex‘s game files. In Titanfall, the Volt is a fast-firing energy SMG and it could make an appearance in the Outlands at some point.

Titanfall‘s move to the Steam Store is part of a partnership between EA and Valve. EA titles such as Apex are scheduled to come to Steam at some point in 2020, alongside the EA Access subscription service. Although EA’s statement doesn’t give a clear timeline for Apex‘s debut, the EA Play Live broadcast today could serve as an opportunity to announce when Respawn’s battle royale will reach the Steam Store.