The Rebirth quest in NBA 2K23: Where to find Ronnie2K and how to complete the quest

Ronnie2K can't escape our keen eye.

Image via 2K Games

NBA 2K23 has launched worldwide, and as usual, MyCareer is getting the most attention on launch. The mystery of Ronnie2K’s Rebirth quest is giving some players trouble. We’re here to help.

One of the first quests you can unlock in NBA 2K23 MyCareer mode is Rebirth. Unlocking it is easy, but if you’re having trouble, we have a comprehensive guide on that as well.

Once you activate the quest, your first task will be to find Ronnie 2K within The City. That would be a formality in most quests, but not here. Finding Ronnie is actually the core mechanic of the Rebirth quest. The challenges are to find him and receive a task, then find him again after completing the task to receive a reward.

All Ronnie2K locations in the NBA 2K23 Rebirth quest

To start the quest, you need to find Ronnie2K at his first location. He will be standing next to a dumpster in the North Side Knights area. There, Ronnie will give you the first task: reach 65 OVR. Upon reaching that number, return to where you first found him to receive a Ronnie2K and Sophie Tee.

Ronnie2K’s second location is in the shopping district, in front of the Embellish store. He will now ask you to reach 75 OVR. Once you do, talking to him again nets you the spawn point selection perk.

Location no. 3 is in front of the 2K buildings. They are situated up north, not too far from where you first met Ronnie2K. This time he’ll ask you to become an 88 OVR player. When you meet the requirement, speak to him for the ability to take your shirt off.

The final meeting place is the entrance of the South City Vipers area. There, Ronnie will give you your final objective: reaching 90 OVR. Doing so and speaking to him one last time will reward you with the ability to Rebirth.

You can see all four locations illustrated on the map here.

Contrary to popular belief, Rebirth does not give your new characters higher OVR. What it does is give you free badge points to allocate upon new character creation and raise the maximum cap of player stats.
Now that you know where to look for Ronnie2K, you’re fully equipped to progress the Rebirth quest in NBA 2K23 and unequip that shirt.