Nintendo Switch Online SNES app is going on maintenance tonight

More Super Nintendo games could be added to the paid subscription.

Image via Nintendo | Remixed by Cale Michael

The Super Nintendo app on Nintendo Switch Online will be down for maintenance tonight, according to NinStatusBot, an automated page that posts information about maintenance and server outages for Nintendo’s services.

The SNES app won’t be down for long, though. NinStatusBot says the maintenance has been scheduled for 19:55pm CT to 9pm CT. As of the moment, it’s unclear whether Nintendo will take the servers down just for regular maintenance and bug fixes, or if new Super Nintendo games will be added to the Nintendo Switch Online paid service.

The last time the SNES app went down on Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo added Earthworm Jim 2 (SNES), Dig Dug II (NES), and Mappy Land (NES) to the virtual catalog. The company, however, did not announce that other Super Nintendo games would be coming to Nintendo Switch Online prior to the writing of this article.

Although there’s no confirmation on additional games being added, fans are excited about NinStatusBot’s maintenance tweet. People have asked for games such as Chrono Trigger, Mario is Missing!, Shaq Fu, and Yoshi’s Safari to be added to the SNES app on Nintendo Switch Online.

Fans will get to know what this maintenance period for the SNES app is tonight. Be sure that your Nintendo Switch has downloaded the latest update before you check the catalog.