The Callisto Protocol gets trailer, locks in December release

Survival horror fans have plenty to look forward to.

Image via Krafton

A new survival horror IP from Krafton has been showcased at PlayStation’s State of Play event and it looks like the Deadspace supplement we’ve all been waiting for. The Callisto Protocol is headed to PlayStation 5 on Dec. 2 and now fans can get their first glimpse at the game and its unsettling sci-fi horror tone.

Kicking things off, the scene is set as the player arrives on the planet called Callisto, or what some call “The Dead Moon.” It’s soon revealed why this name is used though—there are plenty of corpses on display throughout the trailer.

You play as a character who has been taken hostage after being rescued on this dangerous planet. It doesn’t seem like your savior has the best intentions for you either. We’re then treated to a montage of carnage as the player takes down a variety of ungodly creatures in brutal fashion.

This project by Krafton was initially set to be connected to their biggest game, PUBG Battlegrounds, however, that connection was seemingly abandoned during production. The Callisto Protocol boasts a classic third-person survival horror gameplay style similar to that of early Resident Evil titles.

On top of that, there can be even more comparisons made when it comes to the over-the-top kills we see during the trailer.

If you’ve been eagerly holding out for a new survival horror title then you can plenty to get excited about from PlayStation State of Play between this and the new Resident Evil news. The Callisto Protocol will arrive on Dec. 2.