The best multiplayer game deals during the 2022 Steam Summer Sale

Save and play with friends!

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There’s nothing better than saving money together before playing together. The biggest deal showcase in all of PC gaming is back this year via the Steam Summer Sale, with over 54,000 games put on sale and discounts ranging from 10 to 20 percent off up to a staggering 90 percent.

Whether you’re finally picking up a game to play with friends, buying a pack to share with your friends, or looking to meet some new people, here are some great multiplayer game deals to check out during the 2022 Steam Summer Sale.

Left 4 Dead 2 – $2

Image via Valve

The tried and true formula of cooperative first-person shooters is alive and well today, with new games like Arkane’s Redfall and Fatshark’s Warhammer 40,000: Darktide soon to be released, among others. But no game in this niche genre is as widely regarded and successful as the classic Left 4 Dead 2, now at a historical low of only $2.

With two full campaigns and limitless content available from a robust Steam workshop page, one campaign mission alone is worth the price. But this deal offers so much more. If by some strange miracle you don’t already own this title, now is the time to get it. It’s the same price as the original, but the sequel features the entire original campaign, so no need to pick up the first one.

Human Fall Flat – $6

Image via No Brakes Games

Looking for a less scary cooperative experience? How about something that’s equally silly and challenging in Human Fall Flat from No Brakes Games, also listed at its lowest price ever.

In Human Fall Flat, up to eight players can work with (or against) each other in a plethora of platforming puzzles where creativity and understanding of basic physics are your best allies. There are over 20 levels packed with puzzles to solve, plus creative tools for creating new levels to tackle and humans to play as.

Phasmophobia – $11.19

Image via Kinetic Games

Another scary choice for players during the Steam Summer Sale is Phasmophobia, a four-player cooperative ghost hunting experience that pits players against the paranormal. Phasmophobia is at its all-time low in price at $11.19.

Players are given full access to a range of equipment to hunt and investigate over 10 different ghosts. One neat feature of the game is that the ghosts will listen to in-game comms and react accordingly.

Rainbow Six Siege – $8

One of the most technically impressive and deep tactical shooters is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It is currently on sale for $8, and the Year 7 Deluxe Edition is only $2 more.

This competitive shooter pits teams of operators against each other in nearly fully destructible environments that favor close-quarters combat, explosiveness, and well-thought-out tactical team play. With a huge roster of characters, numerous game modes, and a thriving esports scene, there’s plenty to enjoy in R6 Siege.

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