Summer Game Fest reveals new Escape From Tarkov ‘Streets of Tarkov’ map

Get ready for a new map.

escape from tarkov
Screengrab via Battlestate Games

Escape From Tarkov fans got their first look at the new “Streets of Tarkov” map during the Summer Game Fest live event today. The new area introduces cramped urban buildings and wide courtyards for players to explore. 

Escape From Tarkov is known for its unforgiving gameplay and steep learning curve that immediately throws players into the fire. Players join session-based matches where they must compete with other players and enemy AI called Scavs as they explore the map for weapons, gear, and other items to trade or sell. 

The new area, the Streets of Tarkov, will allow players to explore large multi-leveled buildings, which is a stark contrast from previous maps. Most Tarkov maps are in rural areas with widely spaced buildings, but the new map will throw them directly into a chaotic urban environment. 

Long-range weapons will be less effective in tight spaces and players will need to constantly face enemies up close and personal. The windows of each building appear to provide vantage points for the surrounding area, which might turn the courtyards into death traps that should be avoided. 

The trailer also showed a new armored vehicle dropping off what appears to be Scavs that will likely be difficult opponents. But players can probably expect a hefty award for successfully destroying or capturing the vehicle. 

Fans can expect more information about the map on June 13 when the head of Battlestate Games, Nikit Buyanov, appears on the Twitch Gaming Gathering show, according to Polygon.