Soulja Boy wants to start his own esports organization

"Then Superman dat oh."

Screengrab via Gameranx

Soulja Boy could be set to enter the Fortnite community in more ways than one in 2019.

The American rapper plans to start an esports organization, according to a recent interview with TMZ.

No name for Soulja Boy’s potential organization was mentioned, however. He did bring up a few games he’d like to compete in, including Fortnite, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike.

“Honestly, I’m starting a gaming org [at the] top of the year, 2019,” Soulja Boy told TMZ. “We’re going to be finding talent, hiring talent. I’m going to put together a team for Fortnite, put together a team for Call of Duty, put together a team for Overwatch, Counter-Strike, all of that. But one thing at a time.”

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