Sony’s Spider-Man’s PC release swings up charts but falls short of God of War

PlayStation delivers time after time.

Sony’s web-slinging, open world Spider-Man game has reached new heights since its release on PC: the title’s Remastered PC release has become PlayStation Studios’ second biggest launch, only falling short to Playstation’s God of War PC transition.

Shortly after its Aug. 12 computer release, Spider-Man showcased an impressive 66,436 concurrent players, according to SteamDB

Whilst this milestone is making headlines, God of War’s PC debut still remains superior in the eyes of Steam users, rivaling Spider-Man with an almighty all-time peak of 73,529 concurrent players.

Currently one of the best selling games on Steam, Spider-Man’s debut has surpassed several other PC releases of PS4 games, like the critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn, which showcased a 56,557 player peak, and the post-apocalyptic open-world zombie game Days Gone, which reached 27,450

Image via Insomniac Games

Sharing games from PlayStation to PC seems to be a successful endeavor for Sony, as a shareholder briefing provided a $220 million sales increase for the financial year ending in 2023. The previous financial year saw an impressive $80 million in PC net sales. 

Originally developed and released by Insomniac in collaboration with Marvel in late 2019, Spider-Man has seen a rejuvenation in its player-base since its PC release. The remastered Spider-Man version was developed by Dutch gaming studio Nixxes Software, which Sony recently acquired mid-way through 2021.