Sneaky’s back to cosplaying, but this time he’s not alone

His girlfriend and makeup artist joined him to complete the look.

Photo via Esther Lynn

Cloud9 marksman player Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi is known for being one of the best at his role in the North American LCS, but recently has become equally famous for a side hobby of his: cosplaying.

While all of his previous ones were solo shoots, this time Sneaky brought in his girlfriend and makeup artist Esther Lynn. The two dressed up as Rem and Ram, two siblings who work as maids in the anime Re:Zero. 

This is the second maid in a row Sneaky has dressed up as, the previous one being Tamamo from the mobile RPG game Fate/Grand Order. 

To see more of Sneaky and his cosplaying skills, visit his Patreon page, which he updates regularly. It also features photos from his past cosplays, like Lux, Sivir, and Soraka.