Smite players can earn 50 free Gems this Halloween weekend

Free stuff alert.

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Smite’s Halloween-themed event The Reaping is in full swing.

And as part of the festivities, players can earn 50 free Gems throughout the holiday weekend.

Gems are the premium currency in Smite that are usually purchased with real money. For an idea of how much Gems are worth, the smallest bundle is 200 Gems for $4.99 while the largest is 8,000 Gems for $99.99.

All you’ll need to do to earn your free 50 Gems is get three “First Win of the Day” bonuses. The event will be live all weekend, so you have the option of doing this two ways. If you prefer to only play one specific game mode like Conquest, you can just snag three conquest wins between now and Monday.

Alternatively, you can earn your wins in one day by getting them in different game modes. Whichever method you choose there is no shortage of goodies to spend your Gems on. Obviously, 50 Gems won’t buy you anything significant, but it could be the difference that puts you over the edge for something like a 1,250 Gem purchase.

The Reaping event introduced a ton of new Halloween-themed skins. You could also drop a few Gems on the Halloween chest if you’re the type of person who enjoys pressing their luck. Regardless of how you spend them, you’ll have all weekend long to earn your free 50 Gems.


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