Should you sell all valuable items in Dying Light 2?

Selling valuables can give you thousands of coins in no time.

Image via Techland

Valuables, crafting components, weapons, and other items are scattered across the map in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. You’ll pick up dozens of items in a single building, leaving many players wondering which items they should hold on to and which they should sell.

Valuables are one of the most confusing items. There are several different types of them, and it is unclear if you’ll need them later in the game. The good news for players is, they can almost always sell their valuable items without consequence, except for a couple of occasions. 

When you visit a vendor in Dying Light 2, there is an option to sell all of your valuable items instantly. Look in the lower right corner for the option, which is an excellent way to clear your inventory and receive a ton of coins. These items almost always serve no other purpose than a way to earn money, but we’ve encountered at least one instance where you should be careful. 

During the Sentimental Value side quest, a young girl, Maya, will ask you to retrieve her music box from a group of bandits. After clearing a dark zone of infected and recovering the music box from a massive zombie, you can take it back to Maya or sell it. Most players will opt to return Maya her box, but you also have the option to earn extra coins by selling it to a vendor. 

If you plan on returning the music box, make sure to give it to Maya immediately, and don’t sell all your valuables to a vendor. The music box is considered a valuable item, and the box will be sold if you press this option. Maya will be devastated when you return to her, which is even worse when you didn’t mean to sell the box. 

This is an example of when you should think twice about selling all valuable items in Dying Light 2. These situations don’t appear often, but make sure you don’t accidentally sell a quest item.