Should you help Jack and Joe or not in Dying Light 2 Stay Human?

Think twice before taking them out.

Image via Techland

Making decisions in Dying Light 2 Stay Human isn’t an easy task. You have to make several life-or-death choices throughout the game that can impact how the story progresses, making every choice important. Sometimes you’ll upset other factions with your choices, and you can rarely make everyone happy. 

One possibly difficult choice early in the story is whether or not you should help Jack and Joe. These two thugs control a water tower the Bazaar needs to survive, and Aiden will eventually be tasked with confronting them. After defusing bombs as you climb the tower, you’ll find Jack and Joe arguing about blowing up the tower.

At this point, you can offer to help Jack and Joe escape or take control of the tower by force and fight them to to the death. Helping them reveals more information about Lucas, the former leader of the Peacekeepers, and his murder. Jack and Joe will give up the tower without a fight, although Aiden will need to help them out later in the game.

Fighting Jack and Joe still results in you taking control of the tower, but both characters are killed in the process. You won’t learn the information about Lucas at this time, which slightly changes the story progression. Killing them also removes a side quest later in the game, so avoid this option if you want to experience as much content as possible. 

Either choice results in taking control of the tower, allowing you to assign it to the Peacekeepers or Survivors. Helping Jack and Joe might be the best option to avoid missing content, but eliminating the thugs isn’t game-breaking.