One Overwatch fan has already created a Pink Mercy cosplay

She's magical.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch cosplayers are working faster than ever. Blizzard released a new Overwatch skin on May 8—and less than a week later, someone’s already created an impressive cosplay outfit.

Las Vegas–based cosplayer RinnieRiot started working on the Pink Mercy cosplay soon after the Overwatch developer released the charity skin. The Mercy skin was released earlier in May as a way to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Fund. Pink Mercy is only available until May 21.

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When asked on Twitter how she created the costume so quickly, RinnieRiot responded that she just loved the costume too much to wait. She first drew out a pattern in Photoshop then transferred it to EVA foam and Worbla thermoplastic. Her parents helped her with the photos and helped toss her hair. “It was actually a disaster but really fun,” she joked. “I got one good photo out of it.”

RinnieRiot has created a ton of other Overwatch cosplay costumes, including another fan favorite, Black Cat D.Va. We expect Pink Mercy to one day rise to the level of Black Cat D.Va cosplayers—the magical girl outfit is already immensely popular among Overwatch players and fan artists.

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You might not have your own Pink Mercy cosplay to wear in real life, but for $15 you can wear the skin in-game.