PGL Quake Pro League 2020-21 season to start on Sept. 6

Quake players from around the world will compete for the $500,000 prize pool.

Image via PGL

The Quake World Champion 2020 was decided almost a month ago, on Aug. 9 with rapha taking home the belt. And now Quake fans can already prepare for the Quake Pro League to start.

The 2020-2021 season of the tournament will start on Sept 6. PGL will broadcast the tournament from its Studios in Bucharest, Romania, every Sunday.

The matches will be played online, but PGL and Bethesda hope to have players in the studio for the Stage Finals in December. The winner will receive the famous championship belt at QuakeCon 2021.

The season will be split into three stages with players from all over the world competing for the prize pool of $500,000. The Quake World Champion takes home $25,000.

There’ll be 13 weeks of region-based matches divided in the Americas and Europe regions. During the regular season, players will compete to earn prizes and regional rank culminating in a three-day international final event for additional prizing and a chance to get their name etched into the Championship Belt.

The overall record of the competitor’s round-robin play will determine their cut of the prize pool and their seeds heading into Stage Finals. The Stage Finals will be broadcasted from PGL Studios with a 24-person double-elimination bracket based on their regular season performance, integrating both divisions.

Any Quake player has a chance of competing alongside the pros through the Quake Challengers qualifier. After eight weeks of Challengers qualifiers, players will compete in a double-elimination playoff bracket. The top two players from each region will challenge two players in the Quake Pro League in a winner-take-all relegation match.

Fans can watch the 2020-2021 season of the Quake Pro League on Quake’s Twitch channel every Sunday, starting on Sept. 6 at 9:00am CT. The Quake Challengers start on Sept. 26.