Nintendo shares plan to open ‘Nintendo Gallery’ showcasing company’s history

The facility is planned to open early in 2024.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo announced plans to open a museum dedicated to the company’s history in Kyoto, Japan.

The project tentatively called “Nintendo Gallery” will be constructed using the current Nintendo Uji Ogura plant, previously used to manufacture playing cards and a customer service center for product repairs.

Perspective drawing of “Nintendo Gallery” via Nintendo

Once the grounds have been reconstructed, the new Nintendo Gallery will be used to showcase the history of Nintendo products, their development over time, and the company’s philosophy to visitors.

The Uji Ogura Plant has been around since 1969, but underwent major renovations in 1988. The facility remained in use until it was closed down in 2016 after its duties were transferred to another location. As the name suggests, the facility is located in Uji, a city on the outskirts of Kyoto.

Nintendo intends for the museum to be completed by the end of the 2023 fiscal year, early in 2024.

Nintendo rcently launched their theme park Super Nintendo World as part of Universal Studios Japan. Its launch was short-lived, however. Multiple delays plagued its opening, and even when it officially opened its doors, a spike in COVID cases caused them to close the park once again. 

Super Nintendo World gives visitors plenty of experiences within the many rich worlds of Nintendo, themed around some of the company’s most popular characters. The Nintendo Gallery would seem to be more focused on the company, technology, and its history rather than the characters themselves.

Nintendo is set to hold a presentation at the upcoming E3 in just a few weeks. This presentation could provide some further info into their plans.