Miyamoto hosts video tour of Super Nintendo World, the Mario theme park

It's a wonderful video.

Screengrab via Nintendo YouTube

Nintendo has peeled back the curtain on the highly-anticipated Super Nintendo World, a Nintendo-themed theme park coming to Universal Studios Japan in February.

The park is almost complete, so the company put out a video tour of what fans can expect. The video is hosted by none other than “Mario’s dad,” the legend Shigeru Miyamoto himself.

The tour, which begins at about 29:40 in the video above, shows off the park and a bit of what can be found inside.

The park includes a watch that can be paired to a smartphone app that allows you to hit question mark cubes and earn coins, among other Mario-themed activities.

There’s even a Mario Kart ride that utilizes some kind of VR helmet where you ride around inside of Bowser’s castle on a course that the villain built specifically to beat Mario himself.

There’s also a restaurant that is fully staffed by Toad and other mushroom dudes, and all of the food is, expectedly, Mario-themed as well. And of course, there’s a huge gift shop that features exclusive merchandise.

Miyamoto also confirmed that versions of Super Nintendo World would soon be coming to Universal Studios in California, Florida, and Singapore.

Super Nintendo World opens at Universal Studios Japan on Feb. 4, 2021.