Minecraft to host 4-day festival Electric Blockaloo in June

Minecraft is the latest game to host a virtual concert.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft is hosting the Electric Blockaloo, a virtual electronic music festival featuring over 300 artists. The four-day event features several big names in the EDM genre including Diplo and A-Trak.

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the live music industry. Live concerts are canceled and postponed for the foreseeable future, but virtual concerts provide the live experience without the risk of large gatherings.

The Electric Blockaloo festival is one of the latest virtual events to take place in a video game. Fortnite has hosted several concerts throughout the last few weeks in the Party Royale mode, which serves as a social media platform where players can hangout. Minecraft has decided to experiment with this exciting new concept and see if it can replicate the success of the previous live events.  

The festival will take place in a play area that features over 30 stages and recreations of iconic pop culture locations such as the Dunder Mifflin building from the office. There will also be recreations of famous fictional and real venues from around the world. Players will also be able to participate in various games to win prizes and discover Easter eggs.

Artists participating in the festival can sell tickets directly to their fans, and the revenue will be split 60/40. There will be general admission and VIP tickets available which grant access to access to exclusive servers.

The Electric Blockaloo festival will take place June 25 to 28 and will be available on the Bedrock version and older Java version of Minecraft. Players can also stream the event from the official website.