Genji and Hanzo battle it out in this manga-style fan animation

Kastuwatch creator dillongoo put together the video.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Katsuwatch animator dillongoo has created another unique piece of fan art. Imagine Overwatch animated short Dragons, but with Linkin Park–inspired rapping and a manga look.

Hanzo vs. Genji Battle is one fan animator’s take on Hanzo and Genji’s intense meeting in Dragons. Hanzo returns to the Shimada fortress to pay his respects to family. But about one minute into dillongoo’s fan animation, the beat drops—and the rap becomes a ’90s inspired Linkin Park song.

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The video recognizes the cheese. Hanzo and Genji eventually pull out sunglasses, hats, and mics to really embrace the vibe. And once you think the video couldn’t get any weirder, Genji and Hanzo break into dance, with moves any b-boy will recognize.

You’ll remember dillongoo’s animation style from his other videos, most of which turn Overwatch heroes into cats. Katsuwatch is his original creation—videos for almost all Overwatch heroes as cats can be found on dillongoo’s YouTube page. Most recently, dillongoo turned Overwatch’s newest support, Brigitte, into a cat, instead of just a cat lady. He calls her Brikitte, and she fights a kitten version of Genji in the short video.

Overwatch’s Dragons animated short was released in May 2016. It’s the third animated short from the Blizzard first-person shooter. Dillongoo’s recreation is a less serious take in the digital film, but a fun way for a refresher course on the Hanzo and Genji rivalry.

Here’s hoping we get a bit more lore information on the Shimado duo. Genji is one of the stars of Overwatch’s ongoing Archives brawl, but instead of pushing the story forward, it brought us to the past once again.

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