Is Goldeneye 007 coming to Game Pass?

A beloved shooter is making its return.

Image via Nintendo

One of the biggest and most surprising reveals from September’s Nintendo Direct was Goldeneye 007 finally making its way to modern consoles with online multiplayer. One of the most beloved N64 shooters and a game that captured attention around the world, with players trying to race through the game’s plot or beat their friend’s in the highly praised split-screen multiplayer.

Of course, living out the James Bond fantasy was also part of the appeal, and the soundtrack combined with getting to play as various characters from the franchise only heightened the appeal. Even if you had that one friend that always played as Odd Job and caused entire parties and gaming sessions to devolve into fights.

Now, the well-worn game is back and will be available on the Nintendo Switch with online multiplayer. Nintendo isn’t really known for shooting games, however, and many fans of shooters switched to other consoles over the years for different FPS experiences, from Halo to Call of Duty. Plenty of fans of the old school franchise even made the switch to PC play, leaving many to wonder if the Goldeneye port will be available on their preferred platform for shooting up enemies.

Many people also want to know if they can benefit from one of gaming’s premier subscriptions to play the game: Game Pass.

Is Goldeneye 007 coming to Game Pass?

According to Rare Ltd. on Twitter, Goldeneye 007 is indeed coming to Game Pass.

The presence of the game on Game Pass opens up the possibilities for where players can play the game significantly. The news of the Game Pass option means that Xbox users will be able to play one of the most influential shooters ever made on their preferred console, right down to the old split-screen local multiplayer. Online play will be exclusive to Switch, however.

And while only Xbox consoles have been mentioned, the game coming to Game Pass clearly opens the door for the game to also become available for Game Pass on PC at some point in the future. Given the language of the Game Pass announcement, it seems likely that the game will only be available on Xbox at first, but after the extended release period, who knows? Maybe it’s time for Goldeneye to join the hyper-competitive mouse and keyboard world.