Innersloth offers first peek at next Among Us update revealing massive yellow rock

Fans are already busy speculating.

Image via Innersloth

Innersloth offered Among Us fans a first peek at the game’s next big update earlier today.

Although the first preview shows what looks like a big yellow meteor according to the game’s official account, Among Us fans are guessing that it could be something else coming from Innersloth, ranging from a space-themed object to an unexpected crossover or seasonal event.

Some fans are going wild on social media, speculating about it being in fact a cheese ball, space popcorn or even a big chicken nugget.

This could be hinting at a new mechanic or a game mode that could be added in the future. Although it’s quite ambitious, it could possibly hint at a new map as well, which was included in Innerlosth’s roadmap for the game’s future.

The latest big update was introduced last June, with 15-player lobbies, more avatar colors, and the Hide and Seek game mode were added, as well as some quality-of-life changes in the menu. Mobile controller support was also added.

Meanwhile, Xbox and PlayStation players are still waiting to know when they’ll be able to play Among Us on their platforms. Although Innersloth has yet to reveal an official release date, a leak hinted at a release set for Aug. 31, according to some files in the PlayStation’s database. If it’s true, the developer might announce it in the coming weeks.

Among Us’ next major update will come later in August, but an official release date has yet to be revealed.