How to ping enemy players in Battlefield 2042

Hey, look over here.

Image via EA

When you’re playing Battlefield 2042, you’ll need to coordinate with other players to make sure your team pulls ahead. While having good aim and a strong game sense will allow you to average a decent kill/death ratio, you’ll also need to focus on enabling your team.

Providing information for your team can be beneficial and you can share the locations of enemy players with your teammate by pinging them. 

To ping an enemy player in Battlefield 2042, you’ll need to use the Q key on PC and the RB/R1 button on consoles.

Once you use these hotkeys, you’ll ping the location you’re aiming at and your operator will also use a voice line that will alert your teammates. A message will appear on your screen too that will be visible to your squad, allowing them to focus on the location that you pinged.

There are two different pinging behaviors in Battlefield 2042. If you ping a location, the ping marker will hover on the spot you aimed at and disappear after a few seconds. If you ping an enemy player or a vehicle, however, the ping marker will appear above their head and will stick around longer compared to pinging a location.

Players looking to take their comms to the next level can also try communicating through voice chat alongside the pinging feature. After pinging a location, you can give more details to your team through voice chat since more information can help them plan ahead and take out more enemy soldiers in the process.

While pinging is a relatively important feature that helps keep squads on the same page, pinging everything you see can also be distracting. You should find that fine line and use the pinging feature in a useful fashion.