How to make gold ingots in V Rising

Time to get smelting.

Image via V Rising

If you’ve reached the endgame in V Rising, chances are you’re looking for gold ingots to make your life as a vampire that much easier. Gold ingots can be used to upgrade your armor and are an important ingredient in a variety of crafting recipes, so you’ll want to find some as soon as possible.

V Rising isn’t willing to just hand you one of its best resources, though. Unlike some of the game’s other metals, you can’t mine gold. If you want to make gold ingots, you’ll need to travel to a specific zone, fight through powerful foes, find a recipe, and gather drops before you can start topping off your supplies.

Here’s how to make gold ingots in V Rising.

Hunting down the recipe

Before you can smelt gold ingots at all, you’ll need the crafting recipe for them. The recipe is given to players who’ve defeated Azariel the Sunbringer, the de facto boss of the Brighthaven Cathedral area. You’ll need to grind levels before taking him on; he’s level 68 and hits hard, so don’t be surprised if it takes a few tries to defeat him.

After striking him down, you’ll be rewarded with the recipe to create gold ingots. Don’t rush out of Brighthaven Cathedral just yet, though. You’ll need to stick around to find the drops you need to fulfill the recipe. Make sure you have enough Holy Resistance Flasks if you stick around. The Holy Aura around Brighthaven will cause you to take damage.

Finding gold jewelry

To smelt gold ingots, you’ll need to find gold jewelry first. Gold jewelry is commonly dropped by Paladins and Wizards around Brighthaven Cathedral, so if you take a little time to grind and stay patient, you should quickly get a fair amount of drops. While Paladins and Wizards aren’t quite as strong as Azariel the Sunbringer, they still pack a punch, so be sure to take plenty of healing items with you.

If you don’t want to stay at Brighthaven Cathedral, there are a few other enemies who also drop gold jewelry. You can occasionally find gold jewelry after besting higher-leveled V Blood enemies. Knights and Clerics in the Silverlight Hills area also frequently drop gold jewelry.

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Putting it all together

After getting the gold ingot recipe from Azariel the Sunbringer and taking the time to grind some gold jewelry drops, you’ll be ready to craft gold ingots. The smelting process requires a furnace in your castle as well as a decent supply of sulphur. Combining eight sulphur and eight golden jewelry in your castle’s furnace will result in one gold ingot. While this might seem like a steep exchange rate, consider that gold ingots are an endgame item that’s necessary to make substantial improvements to your gear.

This process can be completed as many times as needed for the amount of gold ingot that your desired armor and weapon upgrades require. While gathering the crafting materials can be a dangerous and time-consuming process, it will be worth it when your enemies fall beneath your sword.