How to hurdle in Madden 21

Every Madden player should know how to hurdle.

Image via EA Sports

Hurdling is an effective way to avoid defenders in Madden 21, but it’s a move that will likely be used less often than a stiff arm or juke. Players should still know how to hurdle, however, since it can make a difference in a close game. 

Hurdling in Madden 21 is simple, but performing the maneuver at the right time is essential. Players must press the Traingle/Y button to perform a hurdle while controlling an offensive player, such as a wide receiver or running back, running with the ball.

Performing a hurdle can help players avoid defenders, but it must be done at the right time. If a defender is too close, the hurdle won’t work. It’s also possible to fumble since you’re more vulnerable during a hurdle. 

Players can also perform a “jurdle” by moving the left stick to the right or left while doing a hurdle, making it easier to avoid defenders. But jurdles prevent players from jumping as high as a hurdle, so use the maneuver carefully. 

Hurdles are a situational tactic that will be used less often than other options, but they can still allow players to avoid getting tackled. Some players have a lower stiff arm stat, which means going head to head with a defender isn’t a viable option. Hurdling is an effective alternative in these situations, but remember that timing and distance are important.