How to stiff arm in Madden 21

Stiff arm defenders to continue running the ball.

Image via EA Sports

Stiff arming defending players has been a fundamental mechanic in Madden for years.

Madden 21 continues the tradition of allowing players to fight off defending players for the chance to gain more yards, but understanding when to stiff arm is important.

How to stiff arm in Madden 21

Madden 21 players can stiff arm by pressing the X or A button on PlayStation or Xbox, respectively. This can be activated when a defender is in close range of the ball carrier, and the ball carrier will use one arm to push them away. 

The timing of a stiff arm is important to make sure it’s effective and actually pushes the defender away. Stiff arming too early or too late will make it less effective but usually results in the player gaining a few extra yards. Stiff arming as the defending player engages will push them off, and the player will remain standing and can continue running. 

Another variable that determines how effective a stiff arm will be is the stiff arm stat. If a player has a high stiff arm stat, they can push defenders off easier and consistently. Halfbacks typically have high stiff arm stats, but some wide receivers and tight ends can also stiff arm defending players effectively. 

Learning how to stiff arm effectively can help players become better at Madden 21 and easily run through their opponents.