How to get to the island southwest of Limgrave in Elden Ring and find the Church of the Dragon Communion

Bring a torch and some friendly summons on a spelunking adventure.

Image via FromSoftware

Grinding through Elden Ring and wondering how to get to the island offshore of Limgrave just to the southwest? First, you’ll want to head down to the beach on the western shore of Limgrave. Bring a torch: you can buy one from the merchant Kalé at the Church of Elleh.

Starting at the Church of Elleh site of grace, head southwest. As you travel down the hill toward the water, bear west. A giant patrols here, but the big enemy is easy to avoid if you’d prefer not to fight. Continue traveling northwest down the gentle slope to the beach. When you reach the beach, you should see the island you’re trying to reach almost due south of you.

Continue south along the beach until you encounter a group of demi-humans, then defeat them. The island should be very close to you, but since there’s no swimming in Elden Ring, stepping into the deep water will kill you instantly. Instead, directly to the northeast along the cliffside (right past where you fought the demi-humans) you should see an opening to a cave.

Get out your torch and touch grace just past the cave entrance; this is the Coastal Cave site of grace. From there, you can jump off the ledge on the left for a plunging attack on a demi-human and fight the remaining enemies or choose to head right down a slope for more isolated fights with demi-human opponents. Either way, you’ll reach a duo boss—a pair of Demi-Human Chieftains and some of their smaller friends.

Bring a summon or two or plan on being at least level 20 to make the fight easier. It’s also possible to use stealth and get a sneak attack on the unprepared enemies. Or, by sticking close to the side of the cave where you entered, you can also avoid fighting both Chieftains at once, allowing you to dispatch the big foes one at a time.

After the boss, you’ll have the option to return to the entrance of the cave. But your destination lies further on. It’s impossible to get lost from here.

You’ll fight a few more demi-humans as you gain elevation, eventually emerging from the cave on the island that houses the Church of Dragon Communion. Run or use your spectral steed Torrent uphill to the interior of the island, where you’ll find a ruined church and another site of grace. This is the location of the Church of Dragon Communion, where you can return once you’ve found a certain item that interacts with the statue in the ruined church.