How to get Killection Agency in Splitgate

Here's how many kills you need in a row to achieve a Killection Agency in Splitgate.

Image via 1047 Games

Splitgate’s player count is on the rise and every day there are new challenges to face. One of those challenges is to get a Killection Agency.

There are many killstreak names in Splitgate, but most people won’t reach them in a single game. Most will get a Killing Spree, which players must get five consecutive kills to achieve.

A Killection Agency is when a player gets 10 consecutive kills without dying. There are many more killstreaks after that, with fun names including King of Carnage and Superkillifragelisticextrakilladocious. But so far, the only challenges to grace the dailies screen have been to get a Killing Spree or Killection Agency.

To get a Killection Agency in the game, there are many strategies players can use. There are several game modes that might make the achievement easier, such as Splitball and Oddball, where players may not target you unless you’re the one holding the ball.

Similarly, playing a King of the Hill or Domination game mode may benefit those looking to get a Killection Agency if they can find a good hiding spot and defend the hill they’re on or near. Contamination may also be a good choice if players can manage to camp a spot and shotgun all of their zombie opponents to death successfully.

If none of those game modes interest you, there are usually some maps that have a good place to camp and shoot through portals, such as Oasis or Highwind. If you’re good with the sniper rifle, camping a portal might be the play.

Avoid game modes that have no primary objective, such as Free For All where every player’s goal is to kill “anything that moves.” Game modes that require the enemy team to be eliminated are also a bad choice because the arenas are smaller and any enemy has a target on their back.