How to get hot zones in NBA 2K21

He's heating up.

Image via NBA/2K Games

If you want to hit your shot, you have to find your spot.

NBA 2K21 players out there looking for buckets have a myriad of ways to do so. Play smart, increase your attributes, unlock shooting badges, and also establish your hot zones.

What are hot zones? Hot zones are one of several specific spots on the court that the player can shoot from. When a player hits several shots in that zone, it becomes a hot zone. But if you’re chucking from that area and missing, it becomes a cold zone.

Image via NBA 2K

When you shoot from hot zones, you get a boost to your overall shot percentage. That percentage is determined by your release timing, the amount of defense you’re facing, the shot difficulty, your shooting attributes, and your badges.

The team at NBA 2K Labs tested hot zones in 2K21 and found that shooting in a zone that’s hot compared to one that’s normal adds a huge boost with good shot timing. For players with a high shooting attribute near 90, they even get a boost if the shot timing is off. By contrast, your shot percentage falls when shooting in a cold zone.

So how do you get your zones hot? Well, simply put, you have to hit your shots. Your zones are determined by your player’s most recent 25 games and you can see your current zone status by looking at the hot zones tab on a player’s card. For lower-attribute players, it’s going to be tough sledding with a smaller margin for error.

The best thing you can do to grow your hot zones is be a better shooter. This means taking open shots, nailing your releases, increasing your attributes, and equipping the best shooting badges. After you improve your hot zones, equip the Hot Zone Hunter badge to get an even bigger boost from them.

Let those shots fly.