How to get every achievement in Among Us

Players can now earn achievements for kills, tasks completed, and more.

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Among Us has received a plethora of new updates, including new skins, adjustable roles, and an in-game store where players can earn rewards and Cosmicubes. One feature that the developers added that has fans excited is the addition of achievements.

Here are all 24 achievements players can earn and how to earn it.

  • A Taste for it: Get your first kill
  • Killer – Get five total kills
  • Assassin – Get 50 total kills
  • Scourge – Get 150 total kills
  • Intern – Complete 10 total tasks
  • Manager – Complete 100 total tasks
  • Taskmaster – Complete 500 total tasks
  • A Ship Adrift – Win three games on Skeld
  • Corporate Lockdown – Win three games on MIRA
  • Unearthed – Win three games on Polus
  • Toppat Crewmates – Win three games on The Airship
  • A Well-Oiled Machine – Win a game by completing all tasks as a Crewmate
  • Saboteur – Win a game by sabotaging a critical system as Impostor
  • Slasher – Win a game by killing all crewmates as Impostor
  • Smooth Talker – Win a game by vote as Impostor
  • Lights Out – Get a kill during a lights sabotage
  • Sherlock – Win a game as crew with your only votes being for the Impostor
  • Never Suspect A Thing – Win a two Impostor game with both Impostors alive at the end of the game
  • Survivor – Survive and win a game as a crewmate
  • Impossible Task – Complete the card swipe task on your first try
  • Watch Me Scan – Get killed during a medbay scan
  • Crewpostor – Fix a sabotage that you called
  • H U N G E R – Get three kills before a meeting is called
  • Circumventer – Win a game without using vents as Impostor

Players can check their achievement progress in the Steam page in their Library.


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