How to fix the ‘Bad Network Request’ error on Discord

Is Discord down?

Image via Discord

It can be irritating when Discord doesn’t work properly, especially when you can’t reach out to your online pals to complain about it. Like any massive online service, Discord is prone to network and connection problems at times and these errors will inevitably appear when the service as a whole is having serious problems.

One of the common network errors to occur when using Discord is the “a Bad Network Request has occurred” error message. This happens when the user-side request sent through the client isn’t being processed by the server. When this situation occurs, don’t panic and follow these steps.

Check the status of Discord

A common instance in which this error occurs is when Discord itself is down or experiencing problems. When serious instances of Discord server outages occur, Discord will inform the public of the problems, such as during a widespread API outage on Jan. 26.

Discord has its own Discord Status website that has a thorough set of trackers for various problems, including outage trackers for API, push notifications, the search function, and Media Proxy (the service that alters image size and thumbnails). The Discord Status page also has a log of past incidents going back to up to two weeks.

When outages occur, Discord will frequently limit the number of users who can log in, which can lead to various connection errors for people who are already signed in or trying to, like the “Bad Network Request” error. Wait for Discord to give the all-clear, restart your Discord, then you should be fine.

Basic networking solutions

If Discord is fine, there might be a problem with your internet connection to the platform. First, try restarting Discord, then try restarting your computer. If the problems persist, try adding Discord to the list of programs excluded from your firewall coverage.

In the case that problems continue, check on the status of your own internet connection and the status of your internet provider to see if there are any serious outages in your area.