How to fix Discord Cloudflare service interruption error

Servers are a fickle thing.

Image via Discord

Discord has become an integral communication service for many groups and individuals, so when it goes down, productivity and interactivity can fall quickly. That isn’t helped by the fact some issues plaguing the live service can’t be fixed on your own. 

This is especially true for problems like the “Cloudflare service interruption error,” which specifically pops up during widespread server outages for Discord and points to the issue being entirely on the company’s end. 

Cloudflare is a web infrastructure and service delivery company used by Discord, Medium, and several other larger internet services. And when Cloudflare experiences a problem or interruption, Discord is directly impacted by server issues. 

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Some users may also be experiencing Error 1105 when launching Discord instead of being met with the “Cloudflare service interruption error,” mostly because both issues are essentially the same thing. Both will result in no content loading or performance issues when using Discord. 

All you can really do to fix these problems is monitor the Discord status page to see if any problems are listed as wider issues on the platform. You can also try restarting the app or using it on a different platform to get around the issue, but you’ll likely encounter the same problem since it’s a server-related outage.