How to complete Statues in a State Challenge in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

There are three broken statues and if you know where to look you can fix them in no time.

Screengrab via TT Games

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has many secrets and these can be found all over the galaxy. One of these secrets you’ll stumble upon while venturing Theed on Naboo is the ‘Statues in a State’ Challenge. This will have players seeking out broken parts of statues to repair them and ultimately will see them rewarded with a Kyber Brick.

While the process is simple, finding these pieces can be tricky if you don’t know where you’re looking. All of the parts are hidden in the immediate area but using these tips you can get your hands on them with no problems.

How do you complete ‘Statues in a State’ Challenge?

Screengrab via TT Games

First, you’ll want to activate the challenge by speaking to the guard who is standing nearby the statues on the Northside of Theed.

Statue 1

Screengrab via TT Games

With the area to search now highlighted, head out and go north and you’ll see a woman standing outside a house. Speak to her and she will explain she moved the mess from her yard inside her house.

You’ll want to climb the side of the building and destroy the roof which will allow you to drop into the house and open the door to the outside. Now outside, you’ll see a pile of bricks that you can use to rebuild armor. Now use the force to lift the armor back onto the damaged statue.

Statue 2

Screengrab via TT Games

Now onto the next statue which will take you to the food stalls. At the food stalls, there is a pile of broken bricks behind that can be assembled and then lifted back onto the statue. It’s that simple.

Statue 3

Screengrab via TT Games

The last statue is missing its head and this can be located on the westside of the search area. You’ll notice the head sitting on top of a gold LEGO piece outside a home with a man standing nearby. 

Speak to the man, then change your character to a Bounty Hunter. Fire at the gold brick, which will destroy it. This allows you to use the force to place the head back. With everything complete, speak to the guard to claim your Kyber Brick.