How to change loadout in Splitgate

An unexpected twist.

Image via 1047 Games

When you’re going up against a player in a multiplayer shooter like Splitgate, skill won’t be the only factor that will determine the outcome of a match. While you’ll need to hold your own versus other players, your tactical choices can give you an advantage even before you fire your weapon.

Knowing the map and choosing the right weapons often get overlooked. If you already have a favorite weapon in Splitgate, you’d naturally want to feature it in your go-to loadout and start every game with it equipped.

Loadouts work in a somewhat unique way in Splitgate, so don’t be surprised if you can’t find the option to change your loadout.

How to change your loadout

You currently can’t change your loadout in Splitgate. This is completely intended, however, since the game was designed around players starting with specific loadouts that change depending on their game mode of choice.

This creates a more even playing field for all the players. In casual and ranked modes, for example, all players start matches with a Carbine and Pistol. Players will still have the option to change weapons during a match by picking them up as they spawn in marked spawners, though. These spawners are relatively easy to notice, but beware of competition when you decide to approach one of them. Other players can have the same ideas as you and approaching a spawner with your guard down can lead to you getting killed.

If you’re looking to test out different gun combinations, you can still experiment with loadouts by creating a custom game. Players can choose the starting weapons they want to play with while creating a custom match, allowing them to try out all the available weapons without getting into a real match.