How to celebrate in Madden 21

Celebrate a tough touchdown in style.

Image via EA Sports

Celebrating in Madden 21 is the perfect way to gloat against opponents and rub in a hard-fought touchdown. Performing a celebration is easy to do and can help lower an opponent’s morale and give you a confidence boost.

Players need to score a touchdown in Madden 21 before they can activate a celebration. Once you have successfully made it into the endzone, you have a few celebration options. Moving the right stick up, down, left, right, or pushing the stick in will trigger different animations. 

Moving the stick up will trigger a team celebration, and pushing it down will trigger a player-specific celebration. Holding the right stick to the left will make the player dance, and holding it to the right will spike the ball. Pushing the stick in will trigger a “swagger” celebration. 

Most celebrations trigger a short animation or video clip, which is perfect when taunting opponents after a big play. Players can rub in their success before scoring by using taunts and endzone dives. 

Holding both triggers and A on Xbox or X on PlayStation will cause players to taunt while running with the ball. Players can hold the left trigger and X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation to dive into the endzone. 

Celebrating and taunting in Madden 21 is fun, but remember that some players consider it bad sportsmanship. Some opponents deserve to watch a celebration, however, and every player should know how to celebrate in style.