Glintstone Firefly Location in Elden Ring: How to find and use Glintstone Firefly

They're easier to find than you might think.

Image via FromSoftware

Glintstone Fireflys are a common crafting material you’ll likely find in your journey through Elden Ring and they can be used to make a few helpful items. It’s “a firefly whose glowing tail has hardened into glintstone,” according to its tooltip.

Glintstone Fireflys can only be used to craft Spellproof Dried Liver, Magicbone Arrow, and Magicbone Arrow (Fletched). If you’re looking to craft any of these items in Elden Ring, here’s where you can find some Glintstone Fireflys.

Where to find Glintstone Firefly

Glintstone Fireflys can be found all around Liurnia of the Lakes, but you’ll have to make your way through Stormveil Castle before you can access this part of the map. If you haven’t progressed this far, some can also be found in Caelid, the area to the east of Limgrave. But be mindful that the enemies in this part of the map are far more dangerous than those you’ll find in the starting zone.

The first location where you’ll find Glintstone Fireflys in Caelid is on the crystal formations around Lenne’s Rise, which can be found to the northeast of the zone, just south of the small bridge. The second spot to find them will be on similar crystal formations to the north of the Swamp of Aeonia.

The highest density of Glintstone Fireflys will be found in the Lake section of Liurnia of the Lakes. A large clump of these can be found to the northwest of the Laskyar Ruins. Additionally, four can be looted off of a corpse on top of a small building to the southeast of Raya Lucaria Academy. And lastly, five Glintstone Fireflys can be taken from a body in the courtyard found in the east section of Raya Lucaria Academy.

How to use Glintstone Firefly

To use Glintstone Fireflys in Elden Ring, you’ll need to acquire a Crafting Kit. You can get one fairly easily by purchasing it from Merchant Kalé in the Church of Elleh in Limgrave for 300 Runes. Next, you’ll need the corresponding Cookbook for whichever recipe you plan on crafting. For the two Magicbone Arrows, you’ll have to use the Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook and for Spellproof Dried Liver, you’ll need the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook.

Magicbone Arrows are similar to regular Arrows, but they deal magic damage in addition to a small amount of physical damage. Spellproof Dried Liver, on the other hand, is a consumable item that grants players a temporary boost to magic damage negation. If either of these items catches your eye, here’s their crafting recipes:

  • Spellproof Dried Liver: Three Rowa Fruit, one Beast Liver, and two Glintstone Firefly
  • Magicbone Arrow: Three Thin Beast Bones and two Glintstone Firefly
  • Magicbone Arrow (Fletched): Three Thin Beast Bones, one Flight Pinion, and two Glintstone Firefly