Fans get best look yet at Horizon Call of the Mountain

There are plenty of stunning views to admire.

Image via Guerilla Games

PlayStation’s State of Play presentation has provided fans with a glimpse into a ton of new titles coming to both the PS5 and the upcoming PlayStation VR2 and among these was the best look yet at Guerilla Games Horizon Call of the Mountain.

The game, set in the world of the Horizon series, will tell a new story completely in VR and now fans have a taste of what its controls and combat will look like.

In the new footage, the cinematic landscapes of this world are showcased as the play traverses across the map coming face-to-face with a ton of dangerous enemies. It looks like there will be a focus on traversing terrain and climbing in this adventure which shouldn’t come as too much of a shock given its name.

Right now there has been no date given for when fans will have a chance to experience Horizon Call of the Mountain for themselves, but it will be launching exclusively on the PSVR2. The game was the first announced for today’s showcase, which isn’t a shock given it will likely be a launch title with Sony’s new VR hardware.

While this may feel disappointing, this wasn’t the only surprise Guerilla Games had for Horizon fans; Horizon Forbidden West has received a massive update bringing a ton of replayability to the game too.

As there is no further news about the release of Horizon Call of the Mountain, fans will have to settle for this new Horizon Forbidden West content.