Esports Bar Association removes Ryan Morrison amid harassment complaints

His removal comes less than 24 hours after the EBA initially addressed claims.

Photo via (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Esports Bar Association removed Ryan Morrison from his position as its vice president and board member today following harassment claims made on social media.

Morrison is one of many individuals who’s been under fire over the past week as people in the gaming community have come forth to detail instances of misconduct by high-profile figures in the industry.

Yesterday, an Epic Games counsel Ma’idah Lashani, who previously worked with Morrison, posted on Twitter detailing alleged harassment that she experienced by Morrison. Immediately following the post, both the EBA and Morrison’s employer, Evolved Talent Agency, responded. 

Each party said that they take claims like Lashani’s seriously and were looking into the situation. For Evolved, this meant that Morrison was placed on unpaid leave. The EBA didn’t have any action detailed in its initial post. 

But less than 24 hours following a post saying that the organization was “in the midst of internal talks,” the EBA removed Morrison effective immediately.

“In our mission statement, we advocate for the improvement of esports business and professional standards,” the EBA said. “We condemn harassment and racism in the strongest terms and remain committed to setting an example for the industry we wish to see.”

The statement added that the positions Morrison previously held would remain vacant while the organization deliberates to find someone to fill those spots.