Evolved Talent Agency places CEO Ryan Morrison on unpaid leave, investigates accusations of sexual harassment and other conduct

Morrison allegedly harassed a transgender woman in a bar.

Evolved Talent Agency co-founder and CEO Ryan Morrison has been put on unpaid administrative leave as the company investigates allegations of inappropriate behavior and comments against him.

Evolved tweeted a statement today, saying it was aware of the accusations and that it would be “inititating a thorough third-party investigation into this matter,” and that Morrison would be on leave until the investigation concludes. In addition to being the CEO of Evolved, Morrison is a founding partner of the Morrison Rothman law firm and the vice president of the Esports Bar Association.

Epic Games counsel Ma’idah Lashani, who worked as a law clerk and an associate under Morrison at previous firms, accused him of inappropriate conduct, including making “off color sexual remarks about a transgender staff member’s genitalia, both to her face in public at a games conference and behind her back.”

Twitter user @transawesomee said she was the woman in the incident Lashani described. She said that Morrison began speaking loudly about her being transgender at a bar, and that he said, “Even though you’re a tranny, if you give $20 I’ll let you suck my dick.”

Lashani also said that Morrison booked a hotel room with only one bed for him and Lashani when they attended Gamescom. Morrison, Lashani claims, said it was a mistake by his assistant, but he did not try to book a new room for the week, according to Lashani.

Additionally, Lashani said Morrison “grossly underpays and relentlessly gaslights his staff,” the latter of which Lashani claims is the reason she is only now coming out about her experiences with him.

Evolved represents several popular streamers and esports players, including xQc, SypherPK, Xmithie, and Sinatraa.