Elden Ring player records record-breaking sub-50-minute speedrun

Even though this time was fast, there looks to be a ton of room for improvement.

Image via FromSoftware

Wasting no time, speedrunners are already trying their hands at Elden Ring. The record has already come down to less than 50 minutes.

In a clip shared on YouTube, a speedrunner called Distortion has shown what right now is believed to be the world record, completing the game in just 49 minutes and 29 seconds.

As you’d expect, given the time this was an any percent speedrun meaning that the player would not need to defeat every boss in the game, instead simply reaching the end credits as fast as possible.

In their run, Distortion skipped the majority of the bosses during the early and mid-game, but some boss fights were necessary later in the run. This caused the speedrunner to die several times, slowing down the run.

Given these slip-ups, it’s likely that with further optimization the runs time could be decreased even further. This was Distortion’s first time attempting the run after completing the game normally so it likely won’t be long before the time is brought down even lower.

Elden Ring is an incredibly difficult game even when you aren’t trying to break record time. This was highlighted by Steam in their achievement records recently that suggested almost half of the game’s players haven’t beaten the game’s first main boss.

Whether you’re looking to test yourself as a player or even more by attempting to speedrun the game, Elden Ring might be the best Soulsborne game so far.