Almost half of Elden Ring’s PC players have failed to beat the first legacy dungeon

Given Godrick's difficulty it would seem this has become a stopping point for many.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring is the most popular Soulsborne title to date but, despite the game’s increased interest, it seems many players in the Lands Between aren’t progressing very far.

According to Steam’s community page, which details what percentage of players have unlocked specific achievements, only 56 percent of Elden Ring players on PC have been able to best the game’s first legacy dungeon, Stormveil Castle.

To beat Stormveil Castle players need to beat two bosses–the first entry-level foe Margrit the Fell Omen and the final boss at the heart of the castle, difficult-to-best Godrick the Grafted. Once you defeat Godrick you’ll be given the Shardbearer Godrick achievement on Steam.

This fight is difficult given how early into the game players will encounter the boss. While there is still a ton of exploration and leveling to do, you’ll need to defeat Godrick if you want to continue through the game’s story the traditional way.

As Elden Ring achievements stats would seem to indicate, only around 10 percent of players have been able to finish the game to date. This isn’t a huge shock given its massive scope and increasingly difficult boss fights.

Fascinatingly, only 76 percent of players have visited the Roundtable Hold, which is something you’re guided to do very early into the game. This could indicate a good portion of players who purchased the game didn’t commit to venturing further after first waking up in The Lands Between.

If you are an Elden Ring player who has been struggling to beat Godrick then fortunately there are plenty of tips online (especially on Dot Esports) to help you out.