Elden Ring player defeats the game with a piano

Are you shocked, impressed, or both?

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring has proven to be a cultural phenomenon in the gaming community ever since its release back in February. Being a part of the Souls series, fans have been aware of the level of difficulty present in Elden Ring well before the actual launch of the game. 

Rather than disapproval, the majority of the fanbase have welcomed the challenge that the newest game by FromSoftware brings. If the game itself wasn’t tough enough, players have further celebrated what makes Elden Ring a truly satisfying experience to beat the game by modifying it into even more difficult versions of itself.

Some examples include a player that beat the game while covering 90% percent of his screen, completely disrupting his view from almost the entirety of the game, while another user beat the game by mapping the game’s controller inputs to strings on a harp. It seems like the fanbase’s creativity (and dedication) knows no bounds.

Similar to the latter example, another driven Elden Ring player has managed to beat the game by only using his electric piano in place of a standard controller or keyboard. This player goes by the username Omunchkin13 on Reddit, where he posted a snippet of him taking down Elden Ring’s final boss with nothing other than the magic of music.

The player took down each of the main story bosses along with many of the optional bosses, which is incredibly impressive since a lot of players would prefer skipping the side bosses since they are such a hassle to beat. Omunchkin13 simply utilized the free version of the Bome Midi translator software to map their piano keys to the control inputs, and the rest is gaming and musical history.

What’s amusing is that the keyboard wasn’t only acting as a substitute controller, but also playing notes every time a key was pressed, and it honestly did not sound half bad. Seems like there was an additional background score composed for Omunchkin13’s run of the already musically-blessed Elden Ring. Imagine beating the game with a piano and managing to play good music at the same time; now that’s talent.

This isn’t the only way players have been experimenting with the world’s favorite Souls game right now. Countless streamers have been attempting challenge speedruns to complete the game in the shortest amount of time possible, some have modded the game to improve its quality of life, while others have even tweaked the game’s difficulty to greater heights than it normally is.