Elden Ring dataminer discovers cut NPC dream content

Elden Ring data miners are continuing to find cut content. Here is a cool one about NPC dream states.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring dataminers are out in full force looking for hidden, undiscovered, or cut content related to the Lands Between. Recently, Lance McDonald, a miner with experience across multiple titles, restored a playable version of Elden Ring that included a piece of cut content that didn’t make the final release.

This gameplay mechanic involves accessing NPC dream states and learning about their deepest and potentially darkest secrets. McDonald uploaded an in-depth video showing off this cut content and what it was going to be used for.

In McDonald’s video of the cut content, the Tarnished meet Monk Jiko, an NPC found at the Scavenger’s Shacks, which is now known as the Stormhill Shack. Jiko will talk to the player about a particularly desirable type of alcohol called Dreambrew. He asks for help in making it and in return, would share some with the player. The player is then given St. Trina’s Crystal Ball, which is used to capture Slumber Fog.

McDonald’s video goes in-depth with the mechanics of collecting Dream Mist and creating Dreambrew with Monk Jiko. There are animals around the test version of Elden Ring that emit Slumber Fog and players would use St. Trina’s Crystal Ball to “copy” the mist. In McDonald’s video, he demonstrates collecting Slumber Fog from wolves, Land Octopus, and bears to eventually trade with Monk Jiko for a share of Dreambrew.

This Dreambrew could be used on a variety of NPCs. McDonald uses it on Kale, the merchant at the Church of Elleh. Upon giving Kale the drink, it triggers a dialogue caption revealing the merchant’s dream and a secret pertaining to him.

According to additional mining from McDonald, Monk Jiko was supposed to have his own questline that was involved and intertwined with the main story. But unfortunately, this content did not make the final cut.

It’s bittersweet to see data miners discovering cut content. When miners like McDonald release great videos about these mechanics, it’s disappointing in the moment knowing they’re not in the game, but satisfying to see how deep the game is and what has yet to be discovered.

Based on the release of Patch 1.04, it’s clear that FromSoftware has the ability to add things into, or in this case back into, the game at will for future use. Dreambrew, Monk Jiko, and Slumber Fog may make an appearance in the future. We can only wait and see.