Does Disney Dreamlight Valley have cross-play and cross-progression?

Can you play this game with friends on other platforms?

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Disney Dreamlight Valley launched in September to several positive reviews from Disney fans and non-Disney fans alike. Players have praised the open-world aspect of the game with the focus put on iconic Disney and Pixar characters over the years. A lot of the quests and activities revolve around these characters and it has brought a sense of nostalgia to a lot of old-school Disney fans.

With so many players opting to try the game out, it’s only natural that they buy it on their platform of choice. While many players play the game on PC, there are also several others that have chosen to play Dreamlight Valley on their PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch platforms. This makes it tricky if you choose to play the game on a different platform mid-way and don’t want to lose your game progress.

This becomes more apparent the further into the game you are, simply because it takes a while to do everything. That includes meeting new characters, raising their friendship levels, exploring the variety of biomes, and of course, upgrading your home.

To alleviate this problem, Disney has added cross-progression to the game. This is how it works.

Disney Dreamlight Valley cross-progression

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If you started your game on one platform and want to continue it on another, the game provides you with the option of cloud saves. First, create an account with Gameloft and confirm your email address. After your account is confirmed, simply head to the main menu and select the “Cloud Save” option. Here, you should be able to save your game and access it on other platforms once you log in to your account.

This feature helps to keep track of your progress on every platform you choose to play the game on. Another benefit of cross-progression is the acquisition of the Founder’s Pack. The items in this pack are account-bound and you will need the Founder’s Pack itself to play the game. This means that you would need to purchase the Founder’s Pack on every platform you own the game. With the existence of cloud saves, you won’t be required to purchase the pack on every platform anymore.

Due to everything regarding cross-progression, it is highly recommended to set up cloud saves before you play the game. To know more about how to set up your cloud save files, you can check out this article.

Once your cloud save is set up, playing from any platform should be easy. But what if you want to play the game with your friends? Does cross-progression imply cross-play as well?

Disney Dreamlight Valley cross-play

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As of today, Disney Dreamlight Valley does not support cross-play features. This is because the game is a single-player game at its core and cannot have multiple people playing together. If you were hoping to play with your friends, that is unfortunately not possible, at least at the moment.

Developer Gameloft has mentioned that it plans to add multiplayer features to the game at some point. Since the game is currently in early access, the devs are still in the process of evaluating when to implement newer features to the game. If everything goes according to the way the developers envision it, we might be getting cross-play by 2023.